Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2015 ICC World cup will have 14 cricket team | 2019 ICC World cup will have 10 cricket team

The International Cricket Council (ICC) said in a statement its executive board had approved a 14-team contest in Australia and New Zealand in 2015, with 10 places going to the Test-playing nations. The second-tier teams will have to pre-qualify for the remaining four places.
The ICC also announced the 2019 World Cup would be a scaled-down 10-team event, with the top eight places going to the top-ranked teams and two berths being awarded in a pre-qualifying tournament.
The about-face on the 2015 World Cup reverses the ICC's decision to limit the tournament to the sport's 10 full-member teams - which left countries such as Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada and Kenya on the sidelines.

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