Friday, June 24, 2011

ALCAZAR - Reveal they will Take a break! with a farewell gig

During Stockholm Pride 2011- Alcazar will do a farewell gig at the gay Festival. At least for a while -this news was revealed in QX. The disco-defenders will now pursue other projects. The reason for this break is that the group feel they are stuck in a rut. It was revealed in the recent interview.
- 'Right now it feels like we are at a standstill' says Tess to QX Magazine. (read interview here)

Alcazar +Magnus Carlsson.

Alcazar was formed in 1998 and was a trio consisting of Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel and Annikiafiore. Then in 2002 Magnus Carlsson joined the band in 2003 and debuted in Melodifestivalen with Not a Sinner, Nor A Saint, which became a big hit. Then they repeated great success in Melodifestivalen 2005 with poptastic tune- Alcastar which went on to be another massive summer hit. The foursome took a break at this stage, and then both Magnus and Annika left the group- it did look like it was all over at this time as well. Then suddenly Lina Hedlund joined the band in 2009 -the new 'Alcazar' was born of Andreas, Tess & Lina they sung a new tune Stay The Night, which finished 5th at Melodifestivalen, with the tune that many consider the Alcazar's greatest Melodifestivalen entry - This tune certainly looked & sounded set for Eurovision glory back in 2009.

Currently the band's leader Andreas Lundstedt is set to appear in musical 'Legally Blonde' and Lina & Tess have their own solo commitments to go on with.

Let's hope its still not really the end of Alcazar ....

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