Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Game Of Thrones Finale Discussion

I was going to leave this until my TV jumble but the Game Of Thrones finale, Fire And Blood was so good, I had to talk about it now ...

Bloody hell, this was a finale and a half. I want season 2 now, not in 2012. Though filming will be starting in Northern Ireland for the next season in July. Danaerys arc has been my favourite throughout the entire season and I loved the way it came to a head tonight. The woman lost her husband and her unborn child but managed to rise from the ashes with three dragons in an epic last season. I can't wait to see how that plays out next season and while I can understand the witch's desire for vengeance, it did backfire spectacularly on her here. And can we have more of Ser Jorah, the bestest ally a Khaleesi can have?

I don't care if Joffrey is a child, I still hope he meets a horrible ending next year. That boy is a tyrant in the making and his glee over humiliating others will hopefully be instrumental in his downfall next series. Sansa has my sympathies and then some. Until Joffrey is taken out, that girl is destined for a horrible life ahead of her. Cersei slept with her cousin in this one as well. Can't that woman not keep it in the family for once? Also, Jaime doesn't fear death? Methinks he doth protest too much. I wasn't too bothered with the Jon Snow bits but I did like the respective looks into both Cat and Robb's grief for Ned though. Arya might now be forced into disguising as a boy but at least she's in safer hands than her sister at the moment. I want Renly back sooner than later as I missed his character in this one. Tyrion continues to be a brilliant character. It's a shame his father's a dud though.

I'm going to do a Season 1 review when the DVD surfaces for the show.

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