Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Top 25 Songs --playlist this week

Eric Saade- on the rise Now in our top 5.

PLAYLIST 23th June 2011.

1 My heart is refusing me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Radio version)

2 When We're Together - Catalin Josan

3 Magic (Peachy & Murphy Remix)-Olivia Newton John

4 Fantasy Island (New Version 2010) -Tight Fit

5 Popular (SoundFactory Radio Mix) -Eric Saade

6 Lost In Love (Germany MGP 1999) -Wind

7 I wanna be alive- Date (English vers- Om du förlåter mig) -NEW

8 Never let you Go (DJ Pierre Mix) -Human League -HIGH MOVER

9 Absent friends-Peter Joback

10 Feel me -Magnus Carlsson -NEW

11 Hajde da ludujemo ( Party Extended ) (1990) -Tajči

12 The land of make believe (2008 NewVersion)
-Bucks Fizz

13 Maya Showtime- Alexander Panayotov (2010)

14 LA Today -Alex Gold feat.Phil Oakley

15 Otacksamhet- Nanne- HIGH MOVER

16 No one else Could -Sebastian -HIGH MOVER

17 Your Song - Didrik Solli-Tangen

18 Raggio di luna (1979) - Matia Bazar

19 Bubblin' (single version) -Blue

20 Nothing to Say -Catalin Josan -NEW

21 Kära Syster-
Benny Andersson Band Feat. Helen Sjöholm

22 -Un Peu de Poivre Un Peu De Sol - Tonia (ESC 1966)

23 Once in a lifetime -Ines

24 Something in your eyes -Jenny Silver

25 Don't Tell Me - Fabrizio Faniello (Malta 2005) -NEW

- With a bit of a eastern feel to the playlist this week as Catalin Josan has two of his popular tunes of recent years in our chart-The most popular being 'When we're together' from 2007 Romainan Pre-Selection As well as Alexander Panayotov from Russia who had a great bid for Eurovision 2010. With other new tunes from the great Magnus Carlsson with his best single from his recent album Pop Galaxy' at 10 for this week.
The very highest new tune is a blast from Melodifestivalen boyband 'Date'- they had a terrific remix of their Melodifestivalen hit of 2001- 'Om Du forlater Mig' that was done in english & for me came out alot better. Just one historical Melo tune worthy of lots plays-- more next week

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