Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nokia launches new Smart Phone N9 | Photos of N9 | Nokia's new Phone Browser

Nokia launches new smart phone N9 and also inbuilt Nokia Mobile Browser with 90% compression.

Mobile phone-maker company Nokia today announced the "beginning of a new era" for the company with the launch of four new mobile phones like Nokia N9 smart Phone, including a full-screen touch-based smartphone. "Earlier this year, we outlined a comprehensive strategy to change our course," said Stephen Elop, the president and CEO of Nokia. "Innovation is at the heart of our strategy and today we took important steps to demonstrate a new pace of innovation at Nokia. It''s the beginning of a new era for Nokia," he added. less

Nokia revealed its latest smartphone, the Nokia N9, an all-screen device that will allow user to navigate the phone by swiping on the screen. "The phone application will follow direction of the finger on the screen," Nokia Senior Vice-President, Design, Marko Ahtisaari said.

Nokia today announced its own internet browser and these phones have the Nokia browser loaded on it. "Nokia browser can compress data size up to 90 per cent. All phones to be shipped in future will Nokia browser loaded on them," Nokia Executive Vice-President, Mobile Phones, Mary McDowell said.

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