Sunday, June 26, 2011

Police want to kill me : Ramdev | Government does not want to see me alive: Ramdev

Ramdev said he had come to Delhi on the eve of the 36th anniversary of the imposition of emergency and asserted that the situation 'was very much similar to the emergency'.

'At Ramlila Maidan, the police did not come to arrest me, they wanted to kill me. I won't give any evidence right now, because the case is pending with the Supreme Court,' said Ramdev.

He added that police attacked his supporters when they tried to extinguish the fire which started on the stage. 'The attempt to set the stage on fire was again an attempt to kill me. They attacked my supporters who were trying to extinguish the fire.'

Ramdev also lashed out at the way the government reacted to his protest, saying that if they suspected that he was doing something illegal, then why did four ministers go to the airport to meet him when he arrived and why did Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee write letters to him.

'Government doesn't wants to see Ramdev alive. If it's a mistake, then we'll commit such mistakes many times,' he thundered.

With the government trying to expose him over his thriving yoga business, Ramdev asserted that he was innocent. 'If the government finds any black money with me, they can declare it national property,' he said.

He dared the government to come clean on the issue of black money. 'If its not their money, then I ask, why are they afraid of declaring it as national property. I have uploaded all the details of our account in the website. Government should do the same,' he said.

After reaching Delhi, Ramdev rushed to G.B. Pant Hospital where the 51-yar-old Rajbala was being treated and invoked her condition as the government's tactic of repression against those protesting corruption and black money.

Rajbala suffered spinal injuries in the June 4 police crackdown.

'Bhrastachaar and atyachar' (corruption and cruelty) was the new rallying cry of Ramdev, who said that his 'fight was not illegal' and asserted that and 'nobody can silence' him.

'Behen Rajbala is in very critical condition. Only a miracle can save her once the ventilator is removed,' he said. If she lives, she won't be able to walk again,' he said.

'This government is not only corrupt but also cruel. If I had not asked the people to stay calm, there would have been a pool of dead bodies,' he added.

He was asked to leave Delhi and banned from entering the city for 15 days. Ramdev continued his fast in Haridwar and Dehradun till June 12.

Delhi Police has in an FIR on the Ramlila Maidan incident, cited 'provocative' speeches made by religious and political leaders, including Baba Ramdev and Sadhvi Ritambara, as the main reason for canceling permission for the yoga guru's protest at Ramlila Maidan.

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