Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rant #530: The Hefner Hop

Yes, Hugh Hefner has found a new lady love to serve as his latest girlfriend.

Evidently, news reports are that the Playboy founder has named Anna Sophia Berglund, 25 years old, as his latest flame.

According to these reports, she helped console him during the past week, when former fiancee Crystal Harris flew the coop.

Yes, this continues to be pretty wretched, to say the least.

Hefner is old enough to be her great grandfather, and what would a 25 year old see in someone in their mid 80s?

Cash. Fame. Fortune. Exposure (beyond her January 2011 pictorial).

We all know this is a sham. I would not be surprised if the Hefner/Harris nuptials were too.

Hefner promises them all of those things, and they take the bait. They just have to be by his side for x amount of time, and then they can do what they want with what he has given them.

He is the consummate "dirty old man" with his nice sailor hat. You can just see him posing with these young blondes with his hand pinching their rump.

But these girls take it. If he leads them to fame and fortune--and the ability to pay for their plastic surgeries--why not?

You can laugh at this, but if this was your daughter, partying around with an 85 year old, I don't think you would be laughing that hard anymore.

Hefner is skanky, but he is oh so rich. Money always talks, and when it talks, these girls listen, and they take the bait.

But just think about it--an man 60 years the senior of his new love interest, holding hands and doing who knows what together.


(And yes, I know about Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison and his new wife, Courtney Alexis Stodden--he is 51, she is 16--more yuck! And her parents gave their permission to his union yet!)

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