Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Is Visible Air Pollution? |My 24News

The ambiance is almost entirely made up of invisible gases. Most major air pollutant are invisible, but large amounts of them concerted in areas that cities can be seen as smog. An often visible air contaminants are particulate matter, especially when it surfaces of buildings and other structure have been open to the elements to it for long periods or when it is present in large quantity. Particulate matter consists of tiny particles of solid and / or drops of liquid.Natural sources include volcanic ash, pollen and dust blown by the blustery weather.

"This is not good enough, so I asked them to explain and correct," says Dr. Jackson. "They must high opinion and permission."

When Nelson Mail spoke with Nelson Marlborough District Health Board secretary Mike Cummins, knows no bulletin slat.

"We are working with the Council as much as they affected any resource needs are and do not have a campaign to reduce emissions," said Mr. Cummins. 'We want to think of ourselves as a clean and green unreasonable. "

The hospital uses a grouping of coal and landfill gas for heating and electricity. That a new boiler, and installed in September last year, has a capacity of 2.5 megawatts and produce up to 65 percent of thermal energy to the hospital, and create steam for heating power and hot water, sterilization and cooking. A new boiler that runs on landfill gas from the Valley in New York, is expected to be used to reduce coal expenditure by 630 tons per year.

Mr Cummins said the medical uses about 3300 tons of coal, six years ago. This is now reduced to 1200 tons.
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