Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anne Marie Da-vid the Diva is back at last

-One of historically the most famous french singers from Eurovision Song Contest's 50 year past is Anne Marie Da-vid. She sung for Luxembourg in 1973 with 'Tu Te Reconnaitras' in the times B.A (before Abba) Anne Marie managed to bring Luxembourg it's
2nd in a row victory- after Vicky Leandros big winner the year before with 'Apres Toi' Anne Marie
was discovered while performing in 'Jesus Christ Superstar' -and while no country
had at this stage had really won 2-years running ( if you don't count 1969 as 4 countries tied for first place) . Anne Marie was very confident she could break this record of a double-win with 'Wonderful dream' (english title )
In fact historically only Isreal repeated this feat in 1978-79, Ireland managed 3 in a row during the 90's. Anne Marie returned in Eurovision 1979 singing for France with 'Je Suis L'enfant soleil' another powerful
ballad that put France in a close run 3rd place that year.
Since then Anne Marie David - had a succesful career in Europe mainly due to her concerts, then she went to live & have a big career in Turkey for many years- Finally choosing to settle in Norway- Then although being very quiet for so many years Anne Marie David released an album of french material in 2010 'Rencontres'

Then this year saw the release of a power-dance ballad
wrote by non other Tony Power for an 80's inspired dance album called

'Diva-Power' (check out more details here--)
on a new release featuring
Three Degrees,
Sonja, Niamh Kavanagh & Tina Charles the vocal-power
coupled with Hi-Energy beats
promise to breath-taking.

We are overjoyed with this dance comeback track from
Anne Marie David who gave us for sure one of Eurovision greatest moments..

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