Thursday, July 21, 2011

Candice Crawford's 8 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Candice Crawford had engaged.

Candice is winner the Missouri Miss USA pageant and placing top ten in the Miss USA pageant. While in Columbia, Missouri, Candice also worked with the local NBC affiliate KOMU-TV as a reporter, as well as the the CBS afilliate KTVT which often covered the Dallas Cowboys. Tony reported that he fell for the beauty pageant star and future anchor by saying, “She’s just down to earth and has a good heart. She gets along with anybody and anytime you meet her you can’t help but just enjoy being in her company.”

Details of Candice Crawford ring via Hollywood Life. It's a "platinum diamond ring with an 8 carat, radiant cut, fancy yellow diamond with one carat of round diamonds around the center stone," Aslam Bakshi, owner of Diamond Images USA, Inc. in Miami explained. "The center stone is very difficult to find and rare, but it is one of the most popular shapes today."

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