Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celeste Holm - Frank Basile Marriage Causes $13M War with Her Children

The marriage of 94-year-old Hollywood stage and screen award-winning veteran actress Celeste Holm with 48-year-old husband Frank Basile causes legal feud against her sons over her money and Central Park West apartment.

On her 87th birthday in 2004, Holm married her fifth husband, a waiter and aspiring opera singer Basile.

But Holm's children claimed that Basile is only taking advantage of a rich elderly woman who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Daniel Dunning, one of Holm's sons, took control of his mother's money in 2002 and ultimately put all of it - her apartment, investments, everything - into an irrevocable trust that would pay Ms. Holm’s expenses, about $300,000 a year, according to Mr. Dunning’s deposition. Mr. Dunning and his children borrowed $533,000 from Ms. Holm, and her elder son Theodor Holm Nelson borrowed money as well.

Basile said, "My job for the last six years has been to get my wife through cataract surgery, two bouts of skin cancer, bleeding ulcers, a collapsed lung, hip replacements, pacemakers, and provide a quality of life."

"And then be her advocate in this lawsuit, and unfortunately be the one to take the heat when they pointed the finger at me through this whole thing. I’m the scapegoat for their actions." he added.

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