Monday, July 25, 2011

Doctor Who - Comic Con 2011 Clips Season 6

And here's my blog on Doctor Who's day at Comic Con and boy, what a day it was ...

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Toby Whithouse, Piers Wenger and Beth Willis were all certainly on fine form for the hour panel and when they weren't joking about, mentioning favourite Doctors or talking about how to get into acting, we did get some nice exclusives.

For instance, there's this gorgeous promotional shot for the second half of the season, a minute long trailer for the second half of the series and a two minute preview clip for Toby Whithouse's episode, The God Complex. But let's see what the trailer gave us.

Well, there's definitely going to be a lot going on in Let's Kill Hitler, including a scene where Rory actually punches Hitler as well River sporting an eyepatch, flashbacks to the Astronaut debacle from the start of the series and Madame Kovarian still being a total bitch in the mix.

And then there's this ... is the Doctor really going to snog Craig? Probably not but it does seem that James Corden will be having plenty to do with his second appearance in the series, especially as his episode contains Cybermen too.

Other monsters that are in the mix include the Silents (rumoured to be responsible for snatching Amy's baby), Amy battling it out with Handbots, the Weeping Angels, a Minotaur type creature and even Churchill brandishing a gun at one point.

Perhaps the biggest news from Comic Con though was the admission that Karen Gillan will be appearing in the seventh season. Arthur Darvill hasn't been confirmed to return but if Amy is coming back next year, Rory more than likely is too. Filming for the Christmas special is slated to begin in September.

Comic Con Panel:
Season 6 Trailer:
The God Complex Clip:

Season Six of Doctor Who will air on BBCAmerica from August 27th. BBC1 have yet to confirm an airdate.

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