Monday, July 11, 2011

Philippine Azkals Members Allegedly Involved in a Rape Incident

Simon Greatwich, Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario

Philippine Azkals has once again on headlines! But sadly, this time its not about them giving pride to the country, but some sort of rumors fast circulating on the net now about their four members who are allegedly involved in a rape incident.

In an e-mail report by German football coach Paul Weiler, a former consultant of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF), he revealed that Azkals members Neil Etheridge (goalkeeper), Simon Greatwich (midfielder), Anton del Rosario (defender), and Jason Sabio (defender) were accused of raping a Filipina in the house of their team manager Dan Palami.

Jason Sabio

Here is a full copy of Paul Weiler's e-mail involving the Azkals members in alleged rape case:

Players Anton del Rosario, Jason Sabio and especially Simon Greatwich were involved and recorded the incident also via video cam (Jason Sabio was the one holding camera). Neil Etheridge and his very best friend Simon Greatwich did rape the woman and it seems happened in a villa/house of general manager Dan Palami (who seems not know about what happened in his house and was not there). 'Master mind' of this sex violence idea seems Anton del Rosario .. so far I know he did not rape the woman but pushed the others to do it."

I can not live w/ the hard facts that players raped a young Manila woman and that it will be 'okay' for everybody. I have the fear that this players (if no punishment happens) they will do it again and maybe serious Azkals players are also pressured by them.

Luckily its from my point of view a very small group of the Azkals and the more as 90% of azkals players are very serious and have no intension to do such violent behaviours. I like the Azkals furtheron .. but it would be very piTy and unhealthy for the whole NT if such players can escape from their bad styles easily."

For me it's very important that the issue handles careful and that unguilty players and the Azkals reputation will be not touched to much negative."

However, the Azkals members and their team manager mentioned by Weiler immediately denied his accusations.

In an interview by GMA-7 News which was aired last night on 24-Oras, Azkals team manager Dan Palami said, "I cannot take action kung ang titingnan ko lang 'yong nasa Internet. Anybody right now can write on the internet. It's unfortunate that the boys have to face a controversy like this, but our main focus remains on our game versus Kuwait."

"I've heard a lot of rumors and speculations, that this person [Weiler] is trying to get back at the team because we had a fallout while we were in Germany. I don't know the full story, they're all just rumors." Jason Sabio said.

Simon Greatwich and Anton del Rosario expresses their disappointment against those people who are trying to bring the team down. But said their management is currently investigating the issue.

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