Thursday, July 7, 2011

Philippine Rugby Team Bench Ads in EDSA Asked to Be Pulled-Out

The Bench billboard along EDSA-Guadalupe featuring the members of the Philippine rugby team Philippine Volcanoes posing in their underwear was requested to be pulled-out effective immediately.

Mandaluyong City Mayor Benhur Abalos and Bench, reportedly, have agreed to take down the said sexy billboard.

"Hindi ko pinapaalis, I am just requesting advertisers to have it removed," Abalos told

Abalos said that the advertisement was inappropriate, especially since it was placed prominently along a busy area. He added that he was specially concerned about children who see the ad.

"That road is in the center of Metro Manila, ang daming dumadaan," Abalos said.

But the mayor insists that this is not a moral issue.

"Baka sabihin nila nagpapaka-moralista ako. I'm not very conservative," he said.

Abalos said he will also check another Bench billboard located along EDSA Guadalupe, which features the Azkals' team captain, Aly Borromeo, also posing in his underwear.

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