Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top TV Pairings Part 4

Sorry I didn't get to this on Sunday but better late than never, so here's the fourth part in my TV Pairings ...

Rome - Atia/Marc Anthony

Now, these two were quite a lethal explosion. I know Atia may have been traded in for Cleopatra but her and Marc Anthony were a bloody brilliant pairing during this whole series. One of the many memorable things about this HBO classic.

Game Of Thrones - Renly/Loras

It's hard to find a relationship that comes to er being sweet. I could've gone for Ned and Cat but we didn't get enough interaction with them and Drogo and Dany didn't start off sweetly, so I guess it's Renly and Loras that scoop this one. Here's hoping there's more with them in the second season.

The Vampire Diaries - Caroline Forbes/Matt Donovan

Forget the Katherine/Stefan/Elena/Damon quadrangle, the best relationship that I witnessed in the first two seasons was the one between ditzy vampire Caroline and the rather sweet Matt. Kinda like this show's version of Jessica and Hoyt really.

Smallville - Chloe Sullivan/Oliver 'Green Arrow' Queen

This show has had it's fair share of relationships, a lot of them rather stormy as well but I did like the relationship between Chloe and Oliver that developed in the last two seasons of the season but that's probably down to them being two of my favourite characters as well.

Camelot - Merlin/Morgan

This show might have gotten canned but Merlin and Morgan were the best pairing of antagonists going. Seriously, I could watch these two trying to outwit each other more than the other characters. Damn you Starz for cancelling the show.

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